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__NOTOC__<div id="mainpage_topbox"><div id="mainpage_pagetitle">'''Welcome to ''EvoLudo'' wiki'''</div> ''EvoLudo'' is a growing collection of interactive tutorials that complement numerous research articles on evolutionary games ([ ''ludo''] Latin for "I play" or Italian for "game"). These tutorials allow the reproduction and verification of results reported in [[Research|scientific articles]]. In addition, they are intended to encourage the interested reader, students and researchers to explore the fascinating world of game theory and evolutionary dynamics in a playful manner. This helps to develop a better intuitive understanding of the often complex evolutionary dynamics and encourage further explorations in the fascinating and often mesmerizing world of spatio-temporal patterns. ''EvoLudo'' is the successor of the [ ''VirtualLabs''], which had been inspired by [ Karl Sigmund] and have attracted over 250k visitors since their initial instalment in 2002. </div> <div class="mainpage_hubtitle">'''Recent'''</div><div class="mainpage_boxcontents">{{EvoLudo/Recent}}{{-}}</div> <div class="mainpage_hubtitle">'''Highlights'''</div><div class="mainpage_boxcontents">{{EvoLudo/Highlights}}{{-}}</div>