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A word of warning: In perfect agreement with the vast majority of software projects, the code of the EvoLudo project tends to evolve much faster than the technical documentation... Therefore, this page may contain outdated or incomplete information - please bear with me or, even better, leave your questions, comments and corrections on the talk page.

Clicking on the Params button of the EvoLudo applets opens a panel to change various parameter settings:

Characteristics of interactionsUpdating playersUpdating the populationStructure of the populationMiscellaneous - mutations, migration, initializationNumerical integration of PDE'sParameter settings for gamesDiscard changes, close parameter panelDiscard changes, revert to previous settingsApply changesApply changes, close parameter panel
Panel to set the game parameters

This panel depicts the game parameters for 2×2 Games.

Top Panel

The parameters are divided into different categories: Game, Player, Population, Structure, Misc and possibly PDE. For a brief description of each parameter group click the tabs on the image above or follow the links below.

Group of parameters that characterizes the interaction between individuals.
Group of parameters describing the propagation of strategies.
Group of parameters specifying the size of the population and the updating procedure.
Group of parameters defining the structure of the population.
Group of parameters determining the initial configuration, mutation rates, migration rates etc.
Group of parameters to control and fine tune the numerical integration of partial differential equations. This is not available for all types of models/games.

Bottom Panel

The buttons along bottom of the parameter panel apply or discard new settings.

Closes the parameter panel and discards changes of the parameters leaving all settings untouched.
Discards parameter changes and reverts all parameters to the current setting of the simulation engine.
Applies and verifies new parameter settings. Parameters that did not pass verification are adjusted to acceptable values. Details concerning parameter adjustments are provided on the Console.
Applies new parameter settings and closes the parameter panel.