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Along the bottom of the applet there are several buttons to control the execution and the speed of the simulations - for details see the EvoLudo GUI documentation. Of particular importance are the parameters button and the data views pop-up list along the top. The former opens a panel that allows to set and change various parameters concerning the game as well as the population structure, while the latter displays the simulation data in different ways.

Color code: Rock Scissors Paper
New rock New scissors New paper
Payoff code: Low High



Data views

Strategy - Population

Snapshot of the spatial arrangement of strategies.

Strategy 3D - Population

Snapshot of the spatial arrangement of strategies in 3D.

Strategy - Mean

Time evolution of the strategy frequencies.

Strategy - Simplex \(S_3\)

Trajectories of strategy frequencies shown in the simplex \(S_3\). Double clicks in the interior of \(S_3\) set the initial frequencies of strategies.

Fitness - Population

Snapshot of the spatial distribution of payoffs.

Fitness 3D - Population

Snapshot of the spatial distribution of payoffs in 3D.

Fitness - Mean

Time evolution of average population payoff bounded by the minimum and maximum individual payoff.

Fitness - Histogram

Payoff distribution of each strategy in population.

Degree - Histogram

Degree distribution in structured populations.

Console Log

Displays messages, warnings and errors reported by the simulation engine plus information on the applet/application.

Game parameters

The list below describes only the parameters related to the rock-scissors-paper game and the population dynamics. Follow the link for a complete list and descriptions of all other parameters such as spatial arrangements or update rules on the player and population level.

general \(3\times 3\) payoff matrix for the three strategic types \(R, S, P\). The rock-paper-scissors game requires cyclic dominance between the three types.
Init Rock, Scissors, Paper
initial frequencies of rock, paper, and scissors types. If they do not add up to 100%, the values will be scaled accordingly.